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Customer Reviews

Since our first year in business 2006....I have trusted Dealer Car Search for my family owned independent auto dealership. These guys are always quick to answer the phone, answer questions and they speak clear USA English. Don't be tempted by one of those cheap rate California based "tech" companies, they sell a good line, Then never answer the phone before noon and don't care about promoting your business, I tried one for about 6 months 10 years ago.... Never will make that mistake again. I went right back to DCS.

With Dealer Car Search I get a great product at a great price, that's what determines "Value" that is what my customers expect and that's what I expect as a customer. I understand this company now has over 18,000 "Dealer Id's" that have been created over the years, I'm in the class of the oldest 75 active dealers. These guys get the job done.

I received NO referral bird dog, no "deal", or payment or compensation for this review.

Dale Moates,

Having been in business since 1987, I understand the importance of integrity and relationships. Reluctant to change, and added cost, I finally began a working relationship with Dealer Car Search in 2011. More importantly, Dealer Car Search has been committed to our dealership. I feel like I’m their only customer. At the end of the day, Dealer Car Search would be the last expense I would cut from my overhead. They keep traffic looking at my inventory 24/7. It’s like having a dedicated employee for pennies per day. Thanks Dealer Car Search!

James Moody,

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